Foundersuite Provides Startup Tools to SWIndy Participants


Foundersuite has teamed up with SWIndy to provide software and template tools for participants.

All SWIndy participants will receive a 3 month free trial to Foundersuite’ full platform. Over 1000+ Startups have signed up to their service.

From their website:

Foundersuite is more than a company;
it’s a mission:

We want to make startup life suck less by reducing or streamlining corporate and administrative tasks.
We want to make Founders more productive by helping them focus on the things that matter: product, sales, markets and teams.
We want to increase your odds of success by curating and codifying startup best practices and Silicon Valley efficiencies.

In short, we want to make tools that give you an edge,
and that help you win.

Check them out at: