SWIndy Attendee Pitch Submission Update


Due By: 9 PM

There have been a lot of tornadoes and damage outside of Indianapolis. We apologize greatly for the delay but we value everyone’s safety as a priority. Because the submissions are due so late, the judges will have to complete their tabulations by 9:30 am with the winner announced online at approximately 10am Monday

Presentation Requirements:

You will need to record your presentation as a 5 minute video. We recommend doing this with a screen recording program and just speaking while you go through your slides and pull up your website, graphics, etc. for a demo.

5 minute screen capture
Slide deck and and live/screen capture demo
You can also submit a link to your website, slides, etc.

Helpful tips:

Probably the easiest way to do this on a Mac is with QuickTime. Open QuickTime, go to File > New Screen Recording. On the screen recording box there is a down arrow where you can enable audio to be recorded as well.

Another tool is Jing: Jing is a free screen capture program that you can add caption, highlight or make a quick movie by recording onscreen action: (http://www.techsmith.com/jing.html)

Submit to:

Please submit four things

1. Youtube video with the title: Startup Weekend Indianapolis 2013 – (Name of Company).

2. Slide Deck for company

3. Company Logo Photo

4. Url link to product or screenshots of product (what was developed)

Then send all four items to frank.junhu@gmail.com : 2 urls + logo + slide deck attachment

Global Startup Battle:

As of right now we DO NOT have an extension on the Global Battle. Denver is working on getting an extension but because of the magnitude of the main battle, we may not be able to. So the winner will have to submit their 1 minute video by Monday evening (9pm) to GSB.

Understand how the Global Battle works:


Attendee Battle Pack: http://bit.ly/GSBPack